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CXC Lessons in Trinidad + CXC Lessons Live Online CXC Lessons + SEA Lessons in Trinidad

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CXC Lessons + SEA Lessons in Trinidad

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     SEA + CXC Lessons
   SEA Lessons in Trinidad
   - Math, English

   CXC Lessons in Trinidad
   - Mathematics
   - Add Math
   - Biology
   - Chemistry
   - Physics
   - English A
   - French
   - Spanish
   - P.O.A
   - P.O.B


CXC Lessons in Trinidad + Live Online
CXC • SEA • SAT: Tutoring


   - Mathematics
   - Biology
   - Chemistry
   - Physics
   - H.S.B
   - Integrated Science
   - English A
   - Spanish
   - P.O.A - Principles of Accounts
   - P.O.B - Principles of Business

   - Mathematics
   - Applied Mathematics
   - Biology
   - Chemistry
   - Physics

    - S.A.T Math + English
    - S.A.T Mastery course

    - How to Study Effectively
    - Advanced Memory Techniques
    - How to Take Notes Effectively
    - 50 Secrets to Exam Success
    - Crucial Test-Anxiety Techniques
    - Math Form I to IV Review
    - Speed Reading 101
    - Art, Drawing & Cartooning

[Job & Career Success]
    - Job Interviews 101
    - Ultimate Guide to Effective Resumes & Cover Letters
    - Professional Communication Skills: Public Speaking, Presentations, Persuasion, Political Propriety

[Foreign Languages]
    - Conversational Spanish
    - Conversational French
    - Conversational German
    - Sign Language

[Skills For Success]
    - How to Set & Keep Goals
    - Leadership Skills
    - Organisation Skills
    - How to Budget & Manage Money
    - Investing 101: How to Build & Maintain Enduring Wealth Using the Stock Market

[Health & Safety]
    - Safe Sexuality
    - The Reality of Teen Sexual Activity
    - Drugs
    - Smoking Facts
    - Alcohol Addiction Prevention 101

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Personal Tutoring Institute™ provides High quality SEALessons and CXC Lessons in Arima, Trinidad. We are Trinidad's most trusted after-school SEA Lessons and CXC Lessons provider.